Point Break



Working on “Point Break”

I had the pleasure of working and surfing with Matt Archibald, who doubled for Patrick Swayze, along with Derrick Doerner, the Hell Waterman who took the wipe outs at Waimea (for Bells beach close-out death set).
Brian Keauluana coordinated the water safety and Don King again did the outstanding water camera work. Brain and Don were teamed up again years later to do their magic for Universal’s “Blue Crush.” I enjoyed acting with Patrick Swayze, Keanue Reeves, James Legros and Bojesse Christopher. We did a lot of experimental Tow-In surfing for the film, but my favorite moments were again out at pipeline, with Hawaiian water patrol “blocking” for me so that I could catch and ride perfect waves for the movie.

Director Kathrynn Bigalow made an acton packed unique film that pushed the limits of the genre and introduced Keanue Reeves as an action hero.