When Endless summer first came out, I would dream of traveling to some of the exotic locals visited in the docu-comedy. By the time Endless Summer 2 came out, not only had I surfed more spots than the sequel explored, but I’d surfed them with bigger and better conditions.

The world has become more accessible and with global weather faxes and satellite storm prediction models; a surfer can visit a surf spot half way around the world at optimal conditions in a days notice.

I have been privileged to explore some of the greatest surf spots in the world, and they have changed my life. I still dream of the endless expanding barrels of Desert Point.

I’ve been guiding surfers into perfect waves at surf resorts and camps and boat charters all around the world. If you have a particular spot in mind or just a desire to design a surf trip that would fulfill your wildest dreams, I am available as a global surf tour guide.

It’s your planet, surf it safely.


Traveling surfers share a sense of adventure and respect for a variety of cultures, land and seascapes, and the incredible waves they encounter. Each surf spot has its own unique personality which changes with tide, swell and wind. Some spots have become famous for their long tubes or intense drops or just beautiful surroundings. Over the years I’ve grown fond of the long clean consistent swells that wrap into the Indonesian Island chain.

Bali is now the hub of international surf safaris which increasingly branch out further and further into the Indonesian archipelago to find un-crowded perfection. Uluwatu and Padang-Padang still amaze the best surfers.  – More Info at

The magic of a Mentawais boat charter can change a surfers life.  – More Info at /

G-land will always hold my heart as the best wave per vacation dollar.  – More Info at


Fiji has developed plush surf resorts that cater to every whim of the affluent surfer, but this luxury does not diminish the fact that Tavarua and Namotu access some of the best waves on the planet. – More Info at


Maldives have beautiful resort hotels looking into gentle perfect empty waves, restricted to the guests of each atoll.  – More Info at

Marshall Islands

The most remote and latest discovery by Martin Daly of Indies Trader.  If you want to be completely alone – this is about the last place to find that.  – More Info at


Hawaii will always provide the world with spectacular surf. The list goes on as does the search. There are so many places to stay & surf in Hawaii, contact me for more info and recommendations.